Sunday, January 17, 2010

An inside Look at Baby R

Incredible to see these 3D images of Peanut growing strong. We love the arm flex and are convinced it illustrates a little athelete who will join Mom and Dad on many fun adventures!

24 weeks

At 24 weeks I am popping and enjoying my newly hemmed maternity pants. I'm still feeling really great with a lot of energy to nest, although I have yet to direct any of that energy toward completing the nursery. As we've begun the overwhelming process of the "baby registry" we've discovered that there are a lot of marketers out there targeting new moms and dads with unnecessary baby merchandise. I mean who needs a turtle tub thermometer that beeps and turns red when the bath water is too hot?! We're doing our research and polling other parents to determine the essentials and to weed out the excess. Crazy how overwhelmed you get before the baby even arrives!

Hit the Trail

After getting the ok from our Dr. I was able to ski just a few times over the break; however, as baby grows and belly pops, my skiing days are coming to an end. In its absence, Josh and I have strapped on our snow shoes to hit the terrain in a different capacity. We've loved being outside and experiencing the mountains in a new way. These pictures capture our trek on Dad's ranch in New Castle, Colorado. I aim to get as many snow shoeing days in this summer as I normally get ski days. 4 down, about 15 more to go!