Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Josh and I are so humbled and thankful for the community that surrounds and supports us in this exciting new season. The loyality of friendship is so evident when I recognize the same faces from my high school yearbook, to my college years, to my wedding, and now at baby showers. 6 more weeks until we get to wrap our little one in our arms and introduce him/her to all of you who have loved us so well. Thanks in advance for investing in our family! Here are some photos from my first ever baby shower!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


What fun it is to be able to celebrate milestones in friend's lives. We are so grateful to have longevity with all of you and to be able to watch the moments that remind us of the importance of community. Recently, we were able to celebrate our friend Kerri as she was just matched for her Residency in CO. Baby Reitsema got all dressed up for the occasion!

We are now 33 weeks along and filled with anticipation. Josh and I continue to feel grateful for our family and friends who are also eager to meet our little peanut. Thanks so much for being so loyal in our lives and loving us with extravagance!