Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jackson Hole

Nana celebrated her 90th birthday in true Reitsema fashion, surrounded by her entire family in Jackson Hole, WY. Lia was a road trip champion enduring the 10 hour drive with little to no breakdowns. What a fantastic memory J and I will cherish forever. We treasure the moments we can be together with family and experience the gift and legacy that Nana made possible. Happy Bday Nana!



Baby Tegan and Lia ready to explore Jenny Lake with the Ladies.


Our picnic spot. Lindsey, Lauren, Lia, Lexi, Holly, Nana, Pam, and Debbie.


Lia running around Grand Teton Park on our way into Yellowstone.


Stopped for a picture on trail toward Taggart Lake



A shot in front of the Grand Tetons


Lia loves uncle Larry


Bringing a little TX BBQ into the kitchen. Go team bandana.

Goodbye Jackson Hole. We can’t wait to visit you in the winter to make some memories skiing your chutes!


I am married to the most wonderful man who knows my heart and the things that make it come alive. Recently, when an opportunity came up for me to guide a group of YL girls on a backpacking trip, Josh helped to arrange all things Lia so I could make the experience happen. It was such a refreshing treat to be on trail and reflect on this past year as a new mom. Even after 28 miles of hiking and very few hours of sleep, I returned feeling like I spent a week at the spa. Below is a link of the pictures we took. The joy of returning home to J and Lia was oh so sweet, especially considering that Lia perfected walking while I was gone.

Here’s to knowing the things that bring life to the people you love and helping to provide opportunities to make them happen!