Thursday, September 15, 2011

4 Years

September 1, we celebrated our 4 year Anniversary. Josh arranged a weekend away at Lake Grandby, the perfect setting to soak up the sun and celebrate the family, friendships, and adventures we’ve experienced along the way. Lia is a huge fan the the boat. She added “boat” to her rapidly growing vocabulary list.

Words:  “Hot”  “Hat”  “Doggy”  “More”  “Up” “Ball”        “Duck” '”Water” “Boat” “Crack” (short for cracker) “Birdie” “Moose” “Elk” “Milk” “Mommy”            “Daddy” “Bop” (Her word for Flip Flops) and many more.        

Now that Lia can say and identify her “Hat” she is much mire excited to wear it!




The perfect way to start our mornings!




Lia protecting her lips from the dry CO air


Thank you, Josh, for loving both of your girls so well! We are two very fortunate girls. Can’t wait for many more years of marriage and family memories.

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